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DMK Skin care June 21, 2016

Anna Lotan Facials

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Liquid Gold Anti-aging Treatment
Legendary Seabuckthorn golden berries contain over 100 different vitamins and nutrients associated with rejuvenation. Luxyry regenerating and rejuvenating treatment will hydrate and energizy your skin making it healthier and younger looking by making skin plumper and velvety soft.The treatment will leave your skin feeling supple, comfortable and refreshed.

anna lotan facial

C-Glow Lifting Facial.
Facial based on Pure Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) designed to give an immediate glowing toning effect. Excellent as a lifting treatment for all skin types.

Pure C-Whitening Treatment.
Whitening treatment based on Pure Vitamin c (Ascorbic Acid) designed to give an immediate lightening effect. Excellent as a treatment for Hyper Pigmented damaged skin.

Dead Sea Acne Facial
Whether it is teen or adult acne-using therapeutic Planto Minerals from Dead Sea will balance, purify and disinfect pores. Treatment will help to heal the skin and restore it natural potential. Following home routine will be advised.

Holistic Facial for Sensitive skin
Gentle facial using European approach avoiding any machinery that may irritate sensitive skin. We heal ,hydrate and balance skin by using natural soothing ingredients.


To support and improve the youth and overall health of the skin we offer the Diamond Collagen Facial.This unique and natural treatment has amazing anti-aging ,brightening, lifting and firming effects. In this treatment we use Pure marine Collagen and Ampules with Diamond serum. Pure Marine Collagen is very effective for plumping , firming , brightening and hydration. Ampules with Diamond Serum add essential minerals and nutrients to the skin that get lost as we age. The Diamond Collagen Facial can be used for any skin type including sensitive skin.

anna lotan facial

Needless Mesotherapy
Needles Mesotherapy is a unique and natural alternative to strong chemical peel.
The purpose of Green Marine peel is to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin.
A Similar to other modern skin renewal techniques it activates the skins own repair mechanism relying on its skill to isolate and gradually expel “ïntruders”. While triggering its own defense mechanism, this peel provokes an active chain reaction which causes facial epidermis to peel off within 3-6 days following treatment.

Manual Microdermabrasion.
100% Natural Facial – The Best way to refine and clean pores, minimize fine lines, and reveal healthy complexion. Golden Marine Scrub, CLEAR Crystal Ananas Peeling + Revitalizing AHA Face Lotion + Anna Loton New Age control — Exfoliating Peel Off Mask. This gentle Exfoliating Mask has a low concentration of Lactic (AHA) Acid, which will enhance the renewal of the skin without causing irritation to the skin. Cooling, hydrating mask will leave your skin happy for days. This combined action will deep cleanse and purify the skin (also lightens and minimizes the appearance of blackheads), providing a perfectly clean and smooth surface.


24 Karat Gold Facial
Imaging Having Youthful Looking Skin for Your Entire Life.
Pure Gold has been the secret to maintaining youthful looking skin for centuries. Historically, all over the world, gold was used to smooth out wrinkles, cooling the skin and protecting it from inflammation. For instance, in ancient Egypt, it has been proven time and time again that CLEOPATRA slept in a gold mask every night keep her precious youth. While in Rome and China, gold balms were used as a natural medicine for treating a variety of skin problems.
Fast forward to today, science continues to recognize the stability that Gold treatments bring to skin. Gold action is closely connected with electrons present in the cells that are sensitive to electric charges. These ions will become active under the energy of gold and in turn recreate broken cellular connections. Likewise, scientists indicate that gold produces heat energy after massaging, releasing negative ions that remove free radicals within the skin cells. Ultimately, balancing the acidity of the body tissue fluid while penetrating deeply into the dermis.
24 KARAT GOLD treatment extracts the factors out of skin cells that induces aging. It actually can slow down the aging process!

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