Building Your Perfect Skincare Routine

DMK Skin care April 13, 2017

No matter your skin type (oily, normal, dry, acne prone, or sensitive) you can take your face from blah to beautiful with a daily commitment to a good skin care routine. A good skin care routine will focus on cleansing, treating skin problems or rebalancing oils, moisturizing and protecting your skin from both the environment and from sun damage. We have a wealth of options in skin care brands at our fingertips, and they’re certainly not created equal. You might choose them based on what your mother has always used, or on the recommendations of friends. You might even choose a product based on its ethical or organic qualities or, especially if you’re on a budget, based on price alone. Any route you’ve decided to take, the ultimate proof is in the pudding. The quality of your product and its ability to target your individual skin’s issues will show on your face.
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The first part of your routine should actually begin the night before. Whether you wear only a little makeup or put on a full face each day, each evening you should be taking it off and giving your pores a chance to breath.
In the morning, start with a rinse of plain warm water. This can help remove surface impurities and open pores for that first cleansing product. Once you’ve rinsed, use a cleanser that targets your individual needs. Oily skin benefits from a good foaming cleanser to help remove extra oils and re balance the skin, while dry skin cleansers should have added moisturizer. If you’ve got sensitive or acne prone skin, look for labels that advertise fragrance or chemical free.
The next step is to use a treatment that works best for your skin needs and to tackle any blemishes. Maybe you’ll need a scar reducer ointment, or acne treatment. If you’d like to reduce the appearance of fine lines, now is the time to use that particular product. There are topical treatments to reduce oil and others to re balance the overall skin tone on our face.
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Step three is to ensure that you moisturize. Those with oily or blemished skin shouldn’t omit this step, as a dry face can also induce blemishes, and there are a variety of moisturizers that cater to oily skin types. These types of moisturizers can hydrate without promoting further oil development, and a light cream will help to reduce the likelihood of blocked pores. There are lots of fragrance and even organic options, and heavier lotions for those who need an extra boost of moisture.
The last and final step is to ensure that you protect your skin – no matter your skin type – from the harsh effects of the sun. Even on cloudy days, UV rays can have an impact on the condition and health of your skin, and on cold winter days when rays reflect off of ice and snow, the results can be magnified.
Keep up these simple steps and put your best face forward!


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