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Can’t leave your home but want to continue to take care of your skin? No problem, we got you covered with in-home facial kits!

Acu Crème

Facials TorontoAcu Creme controls congested skin through mildly exfoliating dead skin cells and purifying and controlling excess sebaceous oil. ACU crème is specifically formulated for congested skin which displays fast cell proliferation, excess sebum and crusty thickened textured skin. acu crème can also be used by men who suffer from ingrown facial hair.

Actrol Powder

DMK Skin Care

Soak up excess sebaceous oils and fluids with this powder formulation. Actrol powder offers a cleansing seal on the skin and encourages healing. This unique formulation is suitable for sensitive, oily and acne-prone skins.

Acu Masque

Facials Toronto

A versatile home maintenance masque recommended for acne, congestion, blackheads, open pores and dull or oily skin. Reactive skin will also benefit. It can be used by men and women for bacterial, fungal or microbial problems.

Acu Moist with SPF15

Facials TorontoCongested skin needs anything but a heavy, oily moisturizer, that’s why DMK developed ACU-MOIST, a light, non-greasy daily crème.


DMK Skin Care Acu Klear uses salicylic acid to kill acne bacteria and dry up active acne. However, it goes much further with its sophisticated combination of herbal extracts and ingredients which are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and free radical scavengers. These natural ingredients are combined into a simple treatment lotion that provides faster acting relief from acne and cleaner-looking skin in just days.


DMK Skin Care TorontoFormulated with calming Aloe Extract to reduce redness and inflammation, ACU- KLENZ also contains Tea Tree, Castor Seed, Thyme and Rosemary extract to encourage pore cleansing and sebum control.
AKU-KLENZ is designed to fight acne-causing bacteria leaving you with clean and clear skin.


DMK Skin Care TorontoDesigned to help acne sufferers restore the very important acid mantle (which acts as a barrier against bacteria, and other potential contaminants) as well as protect against transepidermal water loss.

Aminodine Spritz

Facials TorontoDMK’s ‘golden water’ is a specialized night intervention spritz. aminodine spritz is a remarkable anti-ageing breakthrough to act against cross-linked wrinkles in mature, middle-aged and sun-damaged skins. Use in conjunction with night firming crème for radiance and firmness.

Betagen Crème

Facials TorontoKnown as DMK’s emergency crème, this unique formulation resuscitates and regenerates skin that demonstrates environmental stress, premature ageing and signs of trauma. betagen crème is specifically formulated for sun-damaged, environmentally impacted, reactive, irritated or dehydrated skin. It aims to reduce redness and revise inflamed skin conditions.

Biogen C Crème

Facials TorontoBiogen C Creme is an instant pick-me-up crème designed to tone and tighten dull, tired and stressed skin. biogen c crème is specifically designed to revise the signs of ageing and fragile capillaries as well as reactive skin conditions. It can also be used post-surgery on bruised areas.

Body Sculpting Crème

Facial Treatment TorontoDMK’s cellulite busting crème is a breakthrough system designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite whilst contouring, tightening and reshaping the body in stubborn areas. Not for use on diabetics or pregnant women.

Contraderm Crème

Facial Treatment TorontoContraderm crème is an anti-trauma formula for skin. Specifically designed for use during skin convalescence, contraderm crème can also be used to soothe minor skin irritations and itching due to (or during) skin revision treatments.

Crème Critique

Facials Toronto A unique crème designed to maintain the skin’s pH balance to regulate oil flow in particularly oily skin. The crème’s gentle citric action brightens and tones the skin and provides hydration while normalizing oily skin. Good for freckly, dark, sallow, oily skin.

Deep Pore Pure


DMK Skin Care TorontoRecommended for normal to oily skin, Deep Pore Pure™ is a botanical, non-alkaline cleanser that is designed to cleanse the skin without drying. Formulated with natural astringent and deep cleansing ingredients, Deep Pore Pure™ flushes embedded impurities and helps keep pores tight. Can also be used as a shaving cream for men.

DMK efa+

DMK Skin Care TorontoEssential fatty acids (efa) are an essential nutrient required for healthy glowing youthful skin strong nails and shiny thick healthy hair. DMK efa+ provides a rich supply of essential fatty acids and contains Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 as well as Vitamin E. It has been shown that these nutrients are critical for proper dermal hydration and in maintaining natural healthy collagen and elastin.

Exoderma Peel

Facials Toronto A gentle exfoliating formula that helps exfoliate dead, dry skin cells, exoderm peel provides a quick exfoliating and skin tightening treatment. Suitable for most skin types, exoderm peel is twice as effective when used with a foamy lift to create an at-home enzyme masque.

Eye Tone

Facials Toronto A synergistic approach to eye care, eye tone crème targets dark circles, fine lines, red, puffy and sapless bags. eye toneaims to re-educate the fragile eye area restoring and firming the skin, relaxing wrinkles and fine lines. eye tone can also be used as a strengthening neck crème.

Fine Line

Facial Yorkville Suitable for application around the eye, neck, top lip or any very dry and lined areas fine line hydrating crème is an extremely nourishing crème. Formulated with a rich blend of apricot, avocado pulp and corn oil, it provides a rich source of vitamins and nutrients which aim to strengthen and repair even the most stubborn eye areas. Excellent for dry crepe-like areas, wrinkles and fine lines.

Foamy Lift Masque

Foamy Lift Masque Foamy Lift masque works to gently exfoliate, remove impurities and debris, as well as brighten and tighten the skin. the foamy lift allows you to maintain optimal skin functioning between DMK Treatments. Use in combination with exoderma peel for DMK’s best at-home skin conditioning masque.

Herbal Pigment Oil

Herbal Pigment OilNourishes, smooths, and strengthens while brightening your skin. This rich herbal compound is ideal for skins exhibiting environmental damage. It can be used for dark circles around the eyes, dark patches on the knees and elbows, raised scars, dry lips, and cuticles.

Hydrating Masque

Hydrating MasqueProvides supreme hydration to your skin by restoring vital moisture. The Hydrating Masque prevents premature ageing by reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
It also fights against the damaging effects of free radicals and prevents skin dehydration. Soothes and calms, reduces inflammation and irritation and restores balance to eliminate sensitivity. Promotes healing and skin health.

Hydroloc Crème

Hydroloc CrèmeLock moisture into dry, flaking skin with this powerful lubricant. Natural sealants allow moisture to penetrate deep into the skin while it also acts as an excellent barrier repair crème for those who work outdoors and require extra protection and superior hydration.

Melanotech Crème

Melanotech CrèmeMelanotech Creme aids in cell respiration and oxygenation using powerful antioxidants designed to prevent premature ageing and pigmentation. melanoplex crème is the crème of choice for darker skin tones who are genetically inclined to pigmentation.

Melanotech Drops

Melanotech DropsApplied under melanoplex crème, Melanotech Drops deliver the same pigmentation prohibiting powers as the professional product. This combination of drops and crème accelerates the reduction of dark areas. Not recommended for young, sensitive skins with minor pigmentation problems.

Micro Peel

Micro PeelA fresh glowing appearance is only a micro peel away! Remove dead cell material with this gentle exfoliation.

Nite Firming Crème

Nite Firming CrèmeA specialised crème designed to revise the signs of ageing. Using a multitude of active specialised ingredients including vitamin C and grape pip extract known for its age-management properties, nite firming crème may be applied around the fragile eye area and is also suitable for use on the neck, décolleté and jowls.

Pro Amino Crème

Pro Amino CrèmeRestore balance to youthful skins with pro amino crème. Formulated with the eight essential amino acids, proteins, vitamin C and hydroscopic lipids, pro amino crème contains essential ingredients all necessary for the life of skin cells. pro amino crème is designed for neutral skins without the presence of difficult conditions.

Pore Reduction Drops

Pore Reduction DropsTighten and refine open pores without stripping the skins natural oils. Use on the nose and surrounding areas.


Facials Toronto Seba-E is formulated with a very fine blend of herbal oils and vitamin E which aims to penetrate the skin and seal in moisture. seba-e aims to replicate your skin’s natural sebum to retain the water and nutrients necessary for cell life. When used in combination with herb & mineral mist, seba-e can combat dryness and dehydration. Any of the DMK crèmes can be applied over this superb oil.

Solar Damage Gel

Solar Damage GelThis gel formulation aims to provide the skin with a diet of skin supporting nutrients. A specialised gel moisturiser formulated to revise deficiencies in the skin’s essential elements; solar damage gel aims to enhance the natural water barrier and defences of the skin. Suitable for skin that has been compromised by age, harmful ultra violet rays, climatic conditions and external aggravation.

Oil Control Home Kit

Oil Control Home KitPut an end to oily skin, including excess oil build-up. The DMK Oil Control Home Kit is specifically formulated to reduce, balance and restore the skin to its natural best. Starting with Acu-Klenz, you get deep-cleaning of your pores, reducing sebum production. Followed with Creme Citrique to revise the skin’s pH balance and regulate oil flow. Last, using Actrol Powder, excess sebaceous oils and fluids are targeted, removing excessive, obvious shine associated with un-desired oil production. Containing Vitamin C crystals, this formulation does not strip the skin, but rather promotes optimum balance, leaving the skin looking and feeling its best.
DMK products included:
FREE Acu Klenz 60ml
Creme Citrique 15ml
Actrol Powder 30g


Super Serum

Super SerumA cocktail blend of the DMK Beta Gel & Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum – beneficial for a wide range of skin conditions to include poor immune response, premature ageing, hyperpigmentation, environmental damage & acne. Packed with potent betaglucan plus vitamins B and C for maximum performance.
Reduce Swelling, redness and inflammation
Stimulates the skin’s built-in immune system
Brightens skin tone and improves skin’s firmness

Lighten & Brighten Home Kit

Lighten & Brighten Home KitFinally, eliminate sun damage, uneven pigmentation and skin tone. Achieve professional results in 2 simple steps. Our Lighten & Brighten Kit includes DMK’s revolutionary Melanotech Drops: A potent, botanical formula designed to not only brighten the surface of the skin, but to address the core problem by inhibiting the production of melanin. MELANOTECH CRÈME is the crème of choice for darker skin tones who are genetically inclined to pigmentation. It aids in cell respiration and oxygenation using powerful antioxidants designed to prevent premature ageing and pigmentation. Combined this home treatment targets signs of sun-damage, uneven pigmentation, and uneven skin tone. Skin is brightened and lightened, without harmful ingredients or those used in medical-grade products that weaken the skin, making it more photosensitive.
*For superior pigmentation reduction consider DMK Super Bright Crème
DMK products included:
FREE Deep Pore Pure Cleanser 60ml
Melanotech Drops 30ml
Melanotech Creme 30ml

Enzyme Lift & Renew Home Kit

Enzyme Lift & Renew Home KitFor 40 years the DMK Enzyme Masque has help people achieve phenomenal radiance with noticeably glowing skin with this weekly treatment. The DMK Enzyme Lift & Renew Kit is specifically formulated for those experiencing accelerated signs of aging and environmental damage and want noticeable results. Lift, Firm, Oxygenate and Detoxify with this amazing masque. Includes Free Bowl and Masque Brush.
Products Included:
Deep Pore Pure Cleanser 60ml
Exoderma Peel 60ml
Foamy Lift Masque 30g

Maximum Moisture Home Kit

Facials Toronto For ultimate hydration, improved circulation. Our Maximum Moisture Home Kit not only hydrates, it targets the underlying causes of dryness, including environmental damage. Using our Hydrating Masque, your skin receives immediate hydration, while re-establishing its natural barrier function – key for those experiencing excessive dryness, reactivity or inflammation. This increased moisture is then locked-in with our Hydroloc Crème, formulated for maximum moisture retention, containing vitamins A and D, as well as highly beneficial, fractionated botanical oils.
DMK products included:
FREE Milky Clean & Pure Cleanser 60ml
Hydrating Masque 60ml
Hydroloc Creme 50ml

Clear Skin Solution Home Kit

Facial Treatment Toronto Treat, prevent and reduce symptoms of acne and unwanted breakouts. This 3-step treatment cleanses, revives and nourishes your skin, for a clean, clear complexion. ACU KLENZ is a sulfate and paraben-free cleanser with salicylic acid as the exfoliating, cleansing agent. ACU MASQUE works to absorb excess oil and dissolve dead skin cells, revising the function of your skin – not just the surface. ACU MOIST is a moisture occluding lotion ideally suited for those experiencing excessive dryness caused by other acne treatments or those seeking a non-oily, gentle moisturizing cream.
DMK products included:
FREE Acu Klenz 60ml
Acu Masque 60ml
Acu Moist 15ml

Super Bright Cream

Super Bright CreamA revolutionary blend of botanical ingredients working on the superior science of conversion. Super Bright provides the benefits of lightening by targeting pigmentation without the side effects of harmful toxins and does not make you more photosensitive. Suitable for hyperpigmentation, dark, dull or sun damaged3 skins.
Size: 60ml (2oz)


Facial Yorkville Designed for skin on a maintenance program. This light exfoliating product aims to maintain cellular renewal and encourage a healthy, youthful complexion. The key function of Revise-A is to strengthen skin tissues through the regulation of cell proliferation.
Size: 30ml (1oz)

Direct Delivery C serum

Direct Delivery C serumDirect Delivery Vitamin C Serum is a sophisticated answer to assist in preventing and reversing the signs of biological and environmental ageing. It is highly recommended for men and women of all ages and is suitable for ageing, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and scarring. With 4 different types of Vitamin C, Direct Delivery Vitamin C.
Size: 30ml (1oz)

Acu System Kit

Acu System KitThe DMK Acne Kit assists in balancing oil production and killing bacteria. These products penetrate the pores to kill existing p. acnes bacteria while preventing further breakouts. Use the enclosed ACU System to help you combat acne at home.

Pigment Balancing Kit

Pigment Balancing Kit

The Pigment Balancing Kit addresses passive and inflammatory pigmentation with this selection of innovative products. These products, if used in conjunction, rapidly reduce inflammation and suppress melanin production over time. The Pigment Balancing Kit contains melanin in 3 levels;
  • Stops melanin formation
  • Inhibits tyrosine & tyrosinase
  • Regulates melanogenesis at the keratinocytes

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