No needle Mesotherapy treatment

This non-invasive treatment is a great alternative for clients who do not like injectables such as botox and fillers and will visibly improve skin appearance. Skin will appear smoother, firmer and more hydrated, revealing a more radiant, youthful you.

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How does this treatment work?

A topical solution containing a potent cocktail of highly active ingredients – tailored to your specific  skin concerns – is applied to the skin. A pulsed low-frequency electric current is then applied, which ionises the molecules in the serum, creating small ‘channels’ in the skin through which the ingredients travel down to penetrate the deeper layers of the dermis.

With repeated movement of the head of the wand across the skin, active ingredients are pushed deeper and deeper through the dermal layers, allowing for optimal absorption of vital nutrients such as minerals, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, anti-oxidants and collagen.


No-needle mesotherapy offers targeted treatments for both face and body. The results are visible within a few days of the initial treatment, thanks to high concentrations of active ingredients being delivered deep into to the mesoderm.
We recommend an initial series of 4- 6 treatments. To maintain best results, monthly maintenance sessions are suggested.
Use no-needle mesotherapy in conjunction with other anti-aging treatments for optimal results.


No-Needle Mesotherapy Facials

Global Lift facial – regain your youthful facial contours. This award winning* advanced treatment for ageing skin helps restores tone and vitality. This facial targets the neck, jowls and cheek area. Using ‘gene technology’ which targets Progerin, (a cell aging marker), this treatment helps improve cell function, while a variety of active ingredients help plump and restore ageing and tired skin.

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