The heat of Bi-Polar Radiofrequency (RF) wave and energy of Infrared Light breaks the walls of fat cells and increases the oxygen diffusion in the deep layers of fat tissue. Added power of vacuum and roller massage helps to smooth out the surface of the skin; enforces cells metabolism and lymphatic drainage.

Body-treatments -Stomach-toronto

It is effective for tightening, toning and firming skin.

The “flat stomach” of GUAM

Salon treatment. It is recommended for the correction of the abdomen and waist, postpartum recovery, improve skin elasticity with weight fluctuations, rehabilitation after cosmetic surgery. GUAM seaweed, clay, phyto-extracts of ivy. Firming and toning properties that breakdown adipose fatty tissue and fight skin imperfections in the tummy and waist areas.

flat-stomach-of GUAM-Toronto

Enhances microcirculation of the skin of the abdomen and waist, activates the metabolism, stimulates the breakdown of fats and reducing the volume, improves skin elasticity.

Ingredients: algae extract GUAM, phytoextracts ivy, horsetail, horse chestnut, sea salt, clay, essential oils of lemon, oregano.

Cream belly and waist GUAM

Fights and visibly reduces skin imperfections in the tummy and waist areas. GUAM Tummy and Waist Mud Cream has been studied to fight and visibly reduce fat deposits and skin imperfections in the tummy and waist areas leaving the skin extraordinarily firm and elastic.

This cream contains GUAM Seaweed, slimming phyto-complex (Citrus aurantium and caffeine), lemon essential oil and Vitamin E.

RECOMMENDED combination for days you do not have a TUMMY AND WAIST mud wrap to speed up and enhance results.

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