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Recent advancements in technology enable a highly efficient extraction of active ingredients from plants and the maximization of their inherent, natural properties.

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BioPhyto – The Results

  • Detoxification – Detoxification and avoiding the formation of new toxins help prevent premature skin damage and maintain the normal, well-balanced function of skin cells.
  • Blood Flow and Oxygen Consumption – Optimal blood flow leads to the appearance of a detoxified, purified and revitalized skin.
  • Proper cellular oxygen consumption is a sign of efficient metabolic activity.
  • Normalization – Sebum secretion and keratin synthesis are controlled. The skin is free of redness and blemishes, even-toned, ideally moisturized.
  • Cell Replenishment and Rehab of Skin Barrier – BioPhyto products nourish the cells, moderating protein and lipid synthesis, boosting resilience and leading to significant, immediately visible improvement in skin appearance.


Forever Young

Forever Young prevents the symptoms of aging skin by protecting internal skin structure and correcting external symptoms of aging skin. A combination of biopeptides, botanicals and antioxidants encourage cellular regeneration and skin cell repair. Comprehensive and long lasting Forever Young salon and home use products deliver proven results that protect, rejuvenate and support overall healthy and youthful looking skin.

Youthful Complexion: Why Skin Ages and How to Stop it

Over time skin structure begins to deteriorate and symptoms of aging are clearly visible. Skin cells no longer retain moisture, Collagen fibers weaken and cellular regeneration slows. The body’s natural regenerative systems cannot revitalize injured or damaged cells fast enough to maintain skin quality. Forever Young supplements the skin with micro biopeptides that penetrate down to the cellular level. Peptides rebuild tissue, stimulate cell regeneration, improve Collagen biosynthesis and prevent stress-induced damage. Forever Young corrects the internal structure of the skin, preventing premature aging and improving overall skin quality.

Forever Young’s immediate and long term benefits include:

  • Diminishing and smoothing wrinkles and fine lines
  • Promoting cell growth, enhanced cell adhesion and epidermal repair
  • Increasing skin hydration to leave skin soft and glowing
  • Rebuilding and thickening epidermis
  • Firming and tightening skin texture
  • Rejuvenating the skin with antioxidants and vitamins
  • Strengthening the Collagen and Elastin matrix
  • Protecting the skin from harmful UVA/UVB sun rays
  • Diminishing hyperpigmentation and evening skin tone
  • Improving blood circulation


Rose de Mer

Rose de Mer is a 100% natural professional peel designed to leave skin looking young and healthy. Featuring a combination of marine plants, minerals and salts, Rose de Mer peels and resurfaces skin with minimal skin trauma. The Rose de Mer peeling solution brings visible improvement to a variety of skin conditions, and can be used on clients of any age or skin color.


Rose de Mer lifts the epidermis to promote easy shedding and removal of dead skin cells. The combined action of friction and marine silicates, micro-traumatize skin and prompt a natural rejuvenation process. As excess skin is sloughed off, the skin naturally replenishes moistures levels, renews Collagen synthesis and improves overall epidermal structure.

Rose de Mer opens client’s skin to the optimal reception of active ingredients. Rose de Mer can be used to compliment professional treatments that target specific skin conditions, such as severe acne and aging skin. Causing them to work faster more effectively and achieve longer-lasting results.

Treat Virtually Any Skin Condition

  • Options for deep and light peels
  • Control peeling depth – unlike most chemical alternatives
  • Enhance penetration of active ingredients
  • Prepare skin for more targeted treatment
  • Safely conduct treatments

Rose de Mer provides measurable results for skin resurfacing and rejuvenating.

  • Creates a natural face lift appearance
  • Diminishes wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks
  • Improves skin texture and elasticity
  • Heals acne and evens sebum
  • Improves skin circulation and oxygen supply
  • Lightens skin discoloration and acne scarring
  • Eliminates surface residues including dead or damaged skin cells
  • Brings skin to its optimal state for enhanced active ingredient penetration


HL Professional Peels

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