Understanding the Benefits of Organic Cosmeceuticals for Your Skin

facials Toronto April 7, 2024

A very high percentage of what you apply to your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream and circulates around your whole body. Not every skincare product is good for your skin, and you need to take the time to understand what you are applying to avoid the toxins that some products contain. 

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of quality skincare products and are switching to organic cosmeceuticals. If you are using non-organic products, it may be time to make a switch because you can start enjoying all the following benefits:

  • No harmful ingredients 

If you cannot recognize most of the ingredients on the product’s label, your body likely won’t recognize them, so these products must be avoided. Many non-organic skin care products contain synthetic, man-made chemicals like sodium laurel, mineral oils, and even toxins that can be the residues of pesticides. They may also contain parabens and other chemicals that can cause skin irritation and hormone imbalance with long-term use. 

Organic products will eliminate this worry because they do not contain any harmful ingredients and are good for your skin and body. 

  • Natural ingredients 

When you read the ingredient label of an organic skin care product, you will recognize most of the items and possibly even all the ingredients. Organic skincare products are derived from plants and other natural ingredients grown without pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms. 

You can rest assured your skin and body absorb real, natural ingredients that are not harmful.

  • Non-allergenic

When no harsh chemicals are involved, your skin is far less likely to experience allergic reactions or irritations. Suppose you do experience an allergic reaction after using an organic product. In that case, it will most likely result from a natural ingredient like strawberries, for example, and it would be easier to identify the cause. 

  • More effective 

Plants grown organically contain more vital antioxidant vitamins than non-organic plants. Additionally, because they are grown without herbicides and pesticides, their organic ingredients are free from that contamination, which makes them safe for your skin and body. Organic skincare products contain a very high percentage of active ingredients (up to 95%!), whereas synthetic skin care products contain a very low percentage of active ingredients (generally only 5%).

  • Better for your skin

Simply put, going organic is better for your skin. While synthetic ingredients found in non-organic products may be fast-acting, they are also invasive and may be harmful to your skin. Chemical ingredients can provide instant gratification and visible results, but these will only help temporarily and aesthetically. You may notice diminished blemishes and the smoothening of wrinkles, but what will these chemicals do to your skin over time?

With prolonged use, these harsh chemicals can damage and weaken your skin, reducing oxygen exchange, causing premature aging, and increasing the risk of developing sunspots. However, using organic and natural skincare products will ensure your skin receives real nutritional benefits from its ingredients. Results may be slower, but you will not experience harm in the long run and will notice more nourished, moisturized, and smoother skin. 

  • Support cruelty-free skin care products and help preserve the environment

Organic products are made with natural ingredients, meaning they are safe and harmless, and zero animal testing is conducted. When you purchase organic skin care products, you are supporting cruelty-free products, and your choice will also help support the move toward eliminating animal testing in the beauty industry. 

Additionally, organic products help preserve the environment because they use naturally grown ingredients that are free from toxic pesticides and fertilizers. This means they will not leave a harmful footprint on the planet. 

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