Tips to Prevent Acne

Facials Toronto October 1, 2018

Acne is unfortunately often caused by genetics. While there are a variety of treatments available it is not always avoidable and contrary to popular belief is not caused by a lack of self-care or being dirty. For some people, they just get acne due to their genes, and for others, they get flare-ups thanks to hormonal fluctuation, stress, eating trigger foods, or all thanks to puberty. Depending on why you have acne, there are different things you can do to treat it and prevent it from coming back outside of medical intervention and medication (though sometimes this is necessary). Here are some of the ways that you can fight back against acne and get clear skin.

Washing Your Face Properly

When you have acne or are worried about acne, then you may end up washing your face too often. This is counterintuitive, even though it feels like if you just keep scrubbing, you can make your acne go away. Harsh exfoliating can actually cause further irritation and form more acne. You will want to wash your face twice a day with warm water and milk cleanser. Harsh cleansers can end up hurting inflamed skin further. Also, make sure you are using disposable cleaning pads or are only using your washcloth once before laundering it.

Be Careful of Hair Products

If you are using any kind of hair product, then chances are it can get onto your skin and clog your pores. A way to help this is to do your hair before washing your face and then wash your face to clear way any product that gets onto your skin. Also, throughout the day, avoid touching your hair and then your face and consider wiping your face down with a cleansing cloth or micellar water to get rid of impurities during the day.

Avoid Makeup

This one can be especially hard if you have been using makeup to cover up the redness caused by acne or disguise blemishes. The best thing you can do to help calm down a breakout, though, is to avoid coverup, foundation, blush, and highlighter. Feel free to use mascara, do your brows, and wear lip product, just give your skin a chance to breathe. If you have a special event that you need to wear makeup to, choose oil-free products that are as natural as possible.


Keeping your skin moisturized will help keep acne at bay. Use moisturizers that are oil-free and do not contain petroleum. Moisturizing actually helps keep your skin from producing excess oil as you are already hydrated.  

Avoid Trigger Foods

While everyone has different trigger foods that may be causing or worsening acne, you can try to cut out common triggers and see if it helps you. Common acne trigger foods are refined grains, sugars, dairy, foods with omega-6 fats (omega-3 fats are great, however), and chocolate. Many of these foods are inflammatory which will make acne worse. Diets that help acne are ones right in omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, green tea, turmeric (an anti-inflammatory), paleo diets, antioxidants, and zinc.

Get Acne Facials

There are great acne targeting facials, and skin care regimes offered at spas to help get your skin clear and keep it clear. At European Beauty, we offer both an adult acne treatment and a teen acne treatment to get rid of large, painful acne blemishes and give you the skin you have always wanted. Our beauty spa in Toronto offers European spa treatments that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. Call us now for a consultation on our products and treatments that you need and guidance on how to use them at home from our esthetician.


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