Skin Care Tips for People in their 20’s

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How to get great skin in your 20s

Right now your skin is:
Pretty darn lovely, lucky girl! “Women in their twenties have envy-provoking skin—firm, smooth and radiant,” says NYC dermatologist Francesca Fusco, M.D. If any teeny-tiny lines seem to be emerging, you have to get really close to a mirror to see them. Breakouts are an issue mostly from your period, stress or the Pill, typically on the lower half of your face. You may also notice puffiness—especially around the eyes—from staying out late, noshing on salty bar and fast food and having a few too many cocktails. But, hey, you’re living life.

Biggest skin agers to avoid:
The sun. Yeah, we know you know that wearing a broad-spectrum, UVA- and UVB-blocking SPF 365 days a year is a must. But every single one of our experts implored us to remind you anyway. The Yongeer you make it a habit, the better. “I always tell my twentysomething patients to think of what they’ll save not having to reverse sun damage in the future,” says Dr. Marmur, author of Simple Skin Beauty. “It’s like $100 in the bank every time you apply sunscreen.”

Smoking and boozing. “When you smoke, blood vessels constrict, which means your skin is not getting a flow of blood and oxygen the way it should be,” says Dr. Fusco. “Smoking also accelerates the breakdown of collagen, so skin loses elasticity.” Alcohol is not your friend, either. “It’s incredibly dehydrating and makes skin look dryish and dull,” say aesthetician Sharo-n Ronen, owner of Skin Haven Spa Studio in Los Angeles, where she sees her fair share of party girls the morning after. (Think about it: You know how cotton-mouth-y you feel following a night of one too many? Skin cells get similarly parched.) Plus, alcohol triggers a tsunami of stress in your body, causing inflammation that results in redness and swelling. Over time, excessive drinking can lead to premature wrinkling.

Proven ways to look even better:
Ditch the zits. Use a cleanser with 2% glycolic or salicylic acid.
Combat puffiness . Back away from processed foods, which tend to be loaded with sodium, and the salt shaker. When you need emergency morning help, try an under-eye treatment with caffeine; tap for a minute or two to increase circulation.

Start anti-aging now! No need to go nuts; just apply a daily moisturizer with glycolic acid—it’s light but helps smooth any little lines. And do a weekly scrub: Skin cells refresh themselves fast now, but this speeds up the process and the glow. (Optional: eye cream.) “In your twenties, you have this mentality that skin will take care of itself,” says Jillian Wright, owner of NYC’s Jillian Wright Clinical Skin Spa. “But you will avoid a ton of problems down the line if you start treating skin with the same care you do your body.”
I don’t necessarily agree to each and every word, but there is some truth. I don’t like the caffeine part, it’s not proven that caffeine does something for skin, and for me, eye gels/fluids/creams with caffeine it them don’t work at all in terms of reducing anything. Cold spoons on puffy eyes or sliced raw potato on dark circles every morning works 1000X better.

Staying out of the sun helps skin to stay Yonge, less sagging, less pigmentation issues and you get only expression lines! Even better when combined with a stable broad spectrum sunscreen, but you still need to stay in shade, because no sunscreen gives 100% protection, they are just an additional safety measure, not a total sun blocker that allows to bake in direct sun for hours.
The best anti aging tips are more lifestyle concerning than product oriented. Skin care products can only to so much for the skin, make it smoother, brighter, more hydrated, but thats basically all.
Drink a lot of water, it helps kidneys and liver to remove toxins, when those two organs can’t get rid of all the wastes it comes out through skin. Think of it as washing the skin from inside.
Hydration is important too, but not just plain water, our bodies just filter most of the water out, so you need to eat water, in form of fruits, vegetables, fresh juice, smoothies and all those things.
Exercise is very important too, it keeps skin nourished and flushes all the toxins out, people who do daily exercise for years age very slowly. That doesn’t mean pushing it to the extreme, like going to gym every day for a full workout, but a more active lifestyle.


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