Holiday Gift Ideas for Beauty Lovers

DMK facial products December 1, 2017

The holidays are right around the corner! With the holidays come the festive cheer and the last minute scrambling of getting gifts for other people. For those who know others who love all aspects of beauty, getting them a gift is easy! Just get them something related to skin care and they’ll be sure to love it. This year was full of elaborate cosmetic launches and advanced skin care tools. Here are some of the holiday gift ideas for beauty lovers:


With the holidays comes the colder weather, which ends up with your face being constantly exposed to the harsher elements outside. For the everyday beauty lover, get them a nice facial that have the benefits of healing, revitalizing and balancing the skin. Another good aspect of facials is hydration, which is great for combatting the dryness caused by the winter wind. Give our Organic Natural Facials a try with their collection of exfoliating lotion and brightening fluid.

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Face Mask

Who doesn’t love pampering themselves? Well the recipient of your gift will enjoy using their downtime to give their skin a nice glow with facial masks that can give moisture, elasticity and vitality with an infusion of natural oils to nourish the skin.

Anti-Aging Cream

With natural ingredients being popular in the beauty industry today, it should come as no surprise that products with anti-aging properties are also all natural. With Skeyndor’s Eternal Line that uses the organic product of Plant Stem Cell’s to combat the effects of aging, your recipient will surely love the luxurious feel of this smooth product on their skin. This is a line devoted to anti-aging with ingredients like pomegranate concentrate and pure C concentrate, all for the purpose of improving elasticity, tone and texture of the skin.

Multi-Use Skin Care

Usually skin care lines are each catered towards one specific skin type, but if you are not sure what skin type your friend is, there is no need worry because there are skin care lines that are multi-use and thus cater to all skin types such as normal, dry, combination and oily. An example of this is are the Anna Lotan Facials such as the C-Glow facial which is based on pure vitamin C that is designed to give a toning and glowing effect, which is an excellent lifting treatment for all skin types.

These are just several of the great types of holiday gift ideas for those who love their beauty and skincare routine. What better way than to give them some products that you know they’ll use?


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