5 Skin Damaging Mistakes To Avoid When Washing Your Face

DMK Skin Care September 25, 2018

Why do you need advice about washing your face? What could possibly go wrong? You will be surprised to know that a lot could. If you don’t do it right, you could end up with more problems than you set out to remove. For oily skin, excessive washing can dry out your skin more than necessary if you don’t take care to treat it with correct remedies once you are done. This could lead to lines and wrinkles eventually, premature sagging and a dull, weary look. Here’s what dermatology specialists say about washing face the right way.

PH – Balanced Cleanser

Good skin is one that is balanced between acidic and alkaline to keep out germs and toxins. The wrong products can disrupt your pH levels, resulting in inflammation or acne. If your pH balance is more acidic, you can have rashes, redness or irritation that can break down skin-firming collagen and elastin. A little bit of skin acidity fights off toxins better. Skin that is more alkaline dries out faster, causing wrinkles. Use a pH balanced cleanser while washing your face to attain epidermal bliss and balance. Use a foaming or gel cleanser for oily skin and a creamier cleanser for dry skin but avoid bar soap. It dries out the skin.

Wash Hands Before Washing Face

This is a small step that most of us tend to ignore. Cleaning your face with dirty hands transfers dirt, grime, and germs from one part of the body to the other. If you use a face scrubber to work up foam or use a towel to dry your face after washing, make sure those are clean too. Use lukewarm water to keep your face hydrated and water that’s a bit on the colder side. Hot, steamy water can dry out your face. It dilates blood vessels and breaks down delicate tissues.

Avoid Excessive Exfoliation

Be gentle on your skin. If you are rough on yourself or use exfoliation too often or with too much aggression, delicate facial tissues can get damaged. Use gentle scrubs that don’t scar your skin or leave them with marks. Exfoliation can help you get rid of dry, dead cells that sit on the surface of your skin but scrubbing too long or too hard can cause inflammation and irritation. It’s enough to exfoliate once or twice a week, not more.

Remove Makeup Before

It is important to remove all traces of makeup before you sleep to prevent acne and dullness but never use your cleanser to wash it off your face. Basic cleansers can never remove waterproof or strong smudge proof makeup from deep within your pores. Use a makeup removing wipe, a makeup removing toner or oil-based makeup remover before you proceed to wash your face with the right cleanser. Make sure to use a sunscreen if you step out in the daytime or moisturize to keep your skin hydrated at night.

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