The Importance of Medical Grade Vitamin C Serum

facials toronto September 23, 2019

If the application of vitamin C is not a part of your daily routine, you should consider adding it to your daily regimen because of the benefits it provides for your skin and the significant difference it can make over time. Adding a vitamin C serum should not be viewed as a chore but rather a necessity whose application will provide remarkable results. 

Vitamin C is essential for many skin and cellular functions. This includes collagen synthesis, maintaining skin strength and its integrity, as well as wound healing. Another very important element that vitamin C helps with is UV protection. It also offers protection against stress signs, pollution, sun and smoking, all of which damage the DNA of the cell and causes premature ageing. In addition to offering the necessary protection against these elements, vitamin C also helps boost collagen production and can even reverse cell damage, resulting in firmer and younger-looking skin. It may even reduce the appearance of brown spots and prevent pigmentation.

Now that you know how important vitamin C serum is for your skin, it’s important to know how to select the serum that’s right for you. They are not all created equal, so you need to take a close look at the form of vitamin C, concentration and formulation. It may sound confusing but vitamin C comes in different forms that have different absorption rates. A common form of vitamin C is L-ascorbic acid, which most serums contain but there are many others so research which is most effective and talks to a professional.

Concentration refers to the strength of the acid, so check the percentage to see how strong the serum is. Products can have an acid concentration of 10, 15 or even 20%. A high concentration alone is not as valuable as having other antioxidants and boosters like vitamin E combined into the serum which will be more effective. Lastly, consider formulation. The combination of vitamin C with vitamin E as well as ferulic acid provides more benefits because it becomes much more of a potent antioxidant. Vitamin E is an antioxidant in itself that helps maintain the skin barrier while enhancing the function of vitamin C, so check to see if all of these ingredients are present in the serum. 

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How to Properly Exfoliate Your Skin

DMK Skin care August 8, 2019

Healthy looking skin is important, and it’s nice to have skin that is glowing and smooth. There are a few different things you can do to achieve this and exfoliating is one of the easiest and best ways to do this. Proper exfoliation will help improve the tone and texture of your skin and the best part is that you can exfoliate in the comfort of your own home.

While it may seem easy enough, exfoliating does have steps you need to follow. There are different methods based on your skin type and if you’re not sure how to exfoliate your skin properly, you can overdo it. To avoid doing this, keep the following information in mind:

The first step is to wash your face or body with a regular cleanser. Then, apply a small amount (quarter size) of the scrub to your skin and gently rub in circular motions for the recommended time. Read the instructions of the product beforehand so that you know what you’re doing and don’t need to read or confirm the information when you’re already in the middle of the process.

Always follow the recommendations and don’t ignore what the packaging says. There is no need to apply a larger amount of the scrub or leave it on your skin for a longer period of time because it won’t make the product or process any more effective. In fact, you may not see the best results if you choose to make your own judgements and ignore the professional instructions, so remember that the information is there for a reason. Once you’re done gently massaging the scrub onto your skin, rinse it off with warm water until all of the product is gone. Lastly, pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

Exfoliating is meant to remove the dead cells from the outer layer of your skin, so it must be done properly in order for it to be effective and for you to see results. Exfoliating should be done about one to three times a week. Doing it too often can damage your skin because it can strip your skin’s protective layer, which is very important. You should also exfoliate using the right amount of pressure because doing it too hard or too aggressively can actually tear the surface of your skin. You will not be able to see these aspects, but overdoing it will certainly cause them and defeat the purpose.

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Can You Be Allergic To Makeup?

DMK Skin care July 15, 2019

Your body isn’t going to like every chemical and ingredient it comes into contact with, including those found in cosmetics. If you apply an eyeshadow color and end up with itchy eyes, then you might be allergic to that specific product. If you use a lot of different makeup products, it might be difficult to pinpoint the culprit. Here are a few things to be on the lookout for if you suspect you might be allergic to makeup.

Do You Have an Unusual Rash?

The reaction that occurs from being in contact with an allergen is called allergic contact dermatitis, and it can look pretty similar to eczema. If you notice an itchy, dry, red or flaky rash in an area that you’ve applied makeup too, then you’re likely allergic to an ingredient within the product. Extreme allergic reactions to makeup can cause swelling or blistering, similar to what you’d experience with poison ivy.

A Longtime Product Can Turn on You

Like with any allergen out there, you can develop an allergy to a product you’ve been using for months or even years. The more you use a specific makeup product, the more your immune system has time to get used to it before deciding that it doesn’t like it. In general, the immune system can become hypersensitive to chemicals as time goes on. This means that one day, your holy-grail lipstick or eyeshadow that you’ve been using for several years can suddenly turn on you and cause a rash or blistering.

The Reaction Might Not be Immediate

When you start using a new product, you might not see a reaction form for a few hours, or possibly even a few days. However, once that first allergic reaction happens, the next one might happen within an hour or two rather than a few days due to previous exposure. Your immune system is faster in recognizing the chemical it doesn’t like and works faster to express that to the rest of your body.

Some of the most common reactions to cosmetics are due to present metals like nickel and cobalt, which are typically found in hair dyes, eyeshadows, and deodorants. The preservatives used to extend the product’s shelf life, most commonly parabens and methylisothiazolinone, are also popular in causing allergic reactions. However, while these ingredients and more can negatively impact those with sensitive skin, it’s usually not a life-threatening reaction.

What Happens When You Stop Using the Product?

The best way to determine if a makeup product is causing an allergic reaction is to stop using it.
Many believe that the reactions are due to the product expiring rather than the ingredients itself. To test this as well, purchase a new one and test whether or not you still have the same reaction.

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The Difference Between Chemical and Physical Sunscreen

DMK Skin care

If you want your skin to look as bright and youthful as ever, you need to make sure it’s protected from the sun’s ultraviolet rays at all times. Sun protection is essential, which is why you should look for sunscreens that have a minimum SPF of 30. It’s also important to look out for sunscreens that are paraben-free, oil-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic (so it won’t clog pores) and protects against UVA and UVB rays. Now the question remains, should you choose a chemical sunscreen or a physical one? This guide is here to narrow down your choice and find the perfect sunblock solution for you!

What is Chemical Sunscreen?

Chemical refers to the spray form of sunscreen. It’s absorbed directly into the skin, allowing any UV rays that follow from sun exposure to convert into heat before being released from the body. The active ingredients in chemical sunscreens include avobenzone, oxybenzone, and octinoxate.

The Pros and Cons of Chemical Sunscreen

This is the best solution if you’re going swimming in the sun or will constantly be in the water, chemical sunscreen is formulated to be both water and sweatproof. Because it’s absorbed into the skin quickly, you don’t need much to get the best protection. This option has a thin consistency that makes it easy to apply to the skin and comfortable for all-day wear. It’s also easy to add other skincare ingredients like peptides and enzymes to further benefit your skin.

Even though chemical sunscreen is quickly absorbed into the skin, you’ll need to wait about ten minutes for the spray to effectively dry and work its magic before going outside. It also has the potential to increase discoloration and spotting when your skin’s internal temperature gets too hot. If you have dry or sensitive skin, there’s a higher chance of skin irritation, especially when you get higher in SPF formulations. You’ll need to reapply this option more frequently, as the protection dwindles down faster, and if sweat mixes with the sunscreen and enters your eyes, expect it to sting a bit.

What is Physical Sunscreen?

Also known as the physical sun blocker, this form of sunscreen is the traditional creamy consistency that sits on top of the skin and works to reflect the sun’s UV rays. The main ingredients in any reliable physical sunscreen include the minerals titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.
The Pros and Cons of Physical Sunscreen

Physical sunscreen is good for sensitive skin types, as it’s less irritable and provides more moisture. This option also protects against UVA and UVB rays as soon as it’s applied, and lasts longer in direct ultraviolet light, until sweat and water are introduced. Physical sunscreen is better for heat-activated skin, like rosacea or redness, as it deflects heat away from the skin, preventing redness. It has a long shelf life and is less likely to clog pores or cause blemishes for acne prone skin.

Because it’s a thick formula, physical sunscreen can feel heavy on the skin, making it more difficult to blend in completely while also being easy to rub off entirely. If you have a darker skin tone, then this option might leave a white cast on your skin. That cast will be more noticeable as you sweat since cream sunscreens create an unpleasant film. It’s less protective if a generous amount isn’t applied, but it can feel uncomfortable under makeup.

At European Beauty, we’re dedicated to helping our Yorkville customers obtain healthy and bright skin. With skincare services that include DMK organic enzyme facials, skin tightening, non-surgical facelifts, radiofrequency face lifting and more, contact us today to book an appointment.

The Benefits of Having an Enzyme Facial and Why you Should Try One

Facials Toronto April 11, 2019

We all want to look young while having blemish-free and clear skin; an enzyme facial is the best way to achieve that. Enzyme facials have garnered a lot of popularity in recent years. Although the concept of using enzymes on the skin seems frightening, enzyme facials are incredibly effective for getting clear and younger-looking skin. Over a period of time, enzyme facials have become less of a traumatic experience and more of a pleasurable one. Due to the results that an enzyme facial brings to the table, they are becoming quite popular among people. Many celebrities have endorsed the claims that enzyme facials can result in youthful and healthy-looking skin.

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Enzyme facials & chemical peels
In general, enzymes are substances that help to regulate your health and maintain a proper balance of minerals in your body. They also form a natural system of antioxidants in the skin. When formulated properly, enzymes can help to eliminate the residues of dead protein in the skin and can reverse the signs of premature ageing. They can also help to restore collagen formation. An enzyme facial offers dual benefits of enzyme chemicals as well as strategic hand movements and stimulation of pressure points on your face. All these results in increased blood circulation in the face area. Enzyme facials promote healthier, clearer and youthful skin.

DMK Skin care

Enzyme facials are often confused with different kinds of chemical peels that are currently available in the market, although chemical peels, in theory, are still believed to be harsh on the skin. Chemical peels are made from many chemical-based ingredients. Although they are tested for skin safety, chemical peels can still result in redness and reactions for sensitive skin.

Thankfully, many modern-day chemical peels are made from fruit-based enzymes and termed as enzyme facials. These are not only a safer option but also contain natural healthy acids from fruits such as pineapple, papaya, pumpkin and even cinnamon. These fruit-based acids are gentle on the skin and extremely suitable for sensitive skin. They help to treat and clear blemishes and exfoliate skin deeply revealing new layers of younger-looking skin and hiding effects of ageing. These soft, fruit-based acids are not harmful to the skin, but they do help to treat blemishes and exfoliate deeply to reveal new layers of younger-looking skin.

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Although enzyme facials have tremendous visible effects, it is extremely important to get it done from a trained and experienced professional. European Beauty, Toronto’s best spa and salon, offers the best quality enzyme facials by their team of trained and experienced aestheticians. Their enzyme facial treatment includes a thorough cleansing, detoxification, scrubbing away of dead skin cells, followed by a relaxing facial massage, at the end of which you are revealed to clear bright skin. To experience the long lasting and impressive effects of an enzyme facial, call European Beauty today for an appointment!

Skin Care tips for Oily Skin

DMK Skin Care March 21, 2019

If your skin looks greasy or shiny all the time, then it might be time to take on an oily skin regime. It can be difficult to control the amount of oil your skin, but there are ways to work with it and achieve a matte look. Overactive glands can cause other skin imperfections such as whiteheads, blackheads, acne, and enlarged pores. Here are some ways to tame your skin’s oil production:

Wash Your Face Twice a Day

The most tried and tested methods to reel in excessive oil on your skin is by cleansing it at least twice a day. Foaming or gel-based cleansers are best for oily skin and also look for types that are oil-free. You should avoid abrasive products as it can strip your skin of moisture and trigger it to produce more oil.


While you do not want to use a cleanser that is too drying, you should use an exfoliator once or twice a week. Excessive oil production can cause dead skin cells to clog pores, resulting in bumps and dull skin. Scrub away dead skin cells and renew the surface of your skin by adding an exfoliator to your skincare routine. Be sure to scrub gently though.

Apply Face Masks Weekly

After you exfoliate your skin, apply a face mask. Formulas with clay or sandalwood are excellent for gently absorbing excess oil.

Use Alcohol-Free Toner

Toning every day after you cleanse your face will help get rid of dirt and excess oil from your skin. Alcohol can be too drying on the surface though and make your skin produce even more oil to counter it. Consider using a toner with rosewater that is both gentle and effective.

Use Moisturizer Daily

Despite what you might think, oily skin requires moisturizer just as much as dry skin. Starving your skin of moisture only makes it produce more oil to compensate. Use a moisturizer every day after cleansing to keep your skin balanced.

Always Use Sunscreen

Many people with oily skin choose to skip out on sunscreen because of how greasy it can feel. Although, forgoing sunscreen can make pigmentation worse. Use a gel-based sunscreen if you have oily skin so that you are adequately protected from the sun, but your face still looks matte.

Consume Less Oil

You are what you eat, which is why eating less food with oil can help keep your skin in check. Cut back on processed and fried foods and reduce how much surgery drinks you consume. Instead, load up on citrus fruits like oranges and kiwis instead.

Be Picky With Your Makeup

Avoid pore-clogging foundation that feels heavy and, instead, look for lighter textures that are mattifying or oil-controlling. If you just want a little bit of coverage, opt for powder instead of foundation. Regardless of which products you choose, always remember to remove your makeup before bed so that your skin can breathe.


If you need help managing your oily skin, book an appointment with European Beauty. Our experienced skincare experts will perform a consultation and provide you with the most effective options.

How To: Prevent Cellulite

DMK Skin Care March 20, 2019

The fat that pushes against the connective tissue in your skin, causing a bumpy appearance is called cellulite. It mostly affects women and typically appears on the arms, buttocks, and thighs. Several factors determine whether someone gets cellulite such as the amount of their body fat, age, diet, and genetics. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do on a regularly to prevent cellulite.

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Healthy Diet

Eating a well-balanced diet not only improves your overall health but it can also reduce your chances of getting cellulite. Avoid consuming food that is high in saturated fats, cholesterol, and sugar such as deep-fried food, pastries, soda, and candy. Try to include leafy green vegetables or fruit with every meal you eat. You should also drink at least two litres of water every day to help your body cleanse itself of toxins. These can accumulate under your skin, causing fluid and fat retention.

Brush Your Skin

You probably brush your hair, but you probably did not know that you should be brushing your skin as well. Use a loofah or a skin brush when you bath or shower to rub off dead skin cells and improve circulation to your skin. It can prevent the formation of cellulite by stimulating your lymph nodes and improving your blood blow. This encourages the growth of new skin cells. Avoid scrubbing your skin too hard as it can cause the skin to turn red and become irritated. Instead, gently brush the surface in a circular motion.

Indulge Sparingly

Intoxicating substances like alcohol or drugs can wreak havoc on your body in several ways. They have harmful toxins that can slow down and damage your kidneys and liver, which slows down your body’s ability to eliminate waste. This disruption in your body’s day-to-day functioning can cause the formation of cellulite. Avoid indulging in toxic substances as much as possible to prevent cellulite.

Exercise Daily

Being active for at least half an hour each day could help you burn fat that can cause cellulite. Even light exercise like brisk walking can go a long way in prevention. Daily activity combined with a healthy diet can help eliminate fat deposits that lead to cellulite formation.


Getting a full-body massage weekly could help reduce your chances of getting cellulite. It helps prevent fat deposits from dimpling your skin and can lessen the appearance of existing cellulite. Massages are also relaxing and can improve your overall physical and mental health.


These measures can help you stop cellulite from forming, but you will need more substantial methods to eliminate it altogether. For ways to get rid of cellulite you already have, contact European Beauty. We have several options available that are quick, effective, and safe. 

Add These To Your Skin Care Routine This Winter

DMK Skin Care

While the winter brings festivities, Christmas and skating rink fun, they are not as much fun for our skin which gets a tad too flaky, dry, and itchy. For most of us, winter skin is a nightmare as we appear to have aged 10 times in just one season and our skin suddenly loses its luster and shine that people envied us for at one time. However, all is not lost as adding some simple steps here and there in your beauty regime can help to get back your original skin in no time. Of course, it does involve some extra efforts for you. But for glowy, soft skin, who doesn’t mind investing a little more? Most of us are probably already following the CTM routine – Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising – but these three steps alone cannot combat the harsh Canadian winters. What we need is a solid routine that beats the skin blues. Here are some proven ways to make sure your skin gets a daily dose of nutrition and stays shiny and lustrous all through the winter.


Make sure you clean your face before going to bed. While we assume you are already using a cleanser, make sure you double cleanse in winters. Why? Because the first round of cleansing helps to remove your makeup and SPF (we hope you know that you need SPF even in winters!). The second round is to clean your actual skin layer once it is free of all layers of makeup and SPF. Bear in mind that if you don’t cleanse enough, those expensive serums and moisturizers you just bought aren’t going to be half as effective. For the best results, you can do the first round of cleansing using an oil or cream cleanser and follow it using micellar water or a gel or foam based cleanser. This two-point cleansing will ensure you get rid of all oil and water-based dirt.


Using a hyaluronic acid

Exposure to severe temperatures, heating and dehydration can result in the premature appearance of fine lines. If you feel like you have suddenly aged overnight, don’t worry, your skin is just dehydrated. Don’t be alarmed with the word acid just as yet. Hyaluronic acid is found in the body and is known to slow ageing. Since it has the ability to attract and hold large amounts of moisture, using an HA serum before moisturizing helps you to retain the good effects of the moisturizer.

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Facial Oil

Oil is your best friend in the winter. Whether it is for your hair or skin, using a facial oil a few times a week instead of regular moisturizer can seal in moisture and make your skin look like a million bucks. It also helps you to prevent skin flaking giving you a nice glossy skin tone.

Acid toner

Acid toners may sound scary but believe us, it is more effective than the scrub that has been sitting in your shower for the past many many months. After cleansing, remember to dab a few drops of acid toner over your skin and get rid of fine lines and spot scarring. Make sure to use an SPF the next day to prevent damage to your skin.

Face mask

Applying a face mask each week will replenish your skin and tone it. Just apply your face mask and surf your favourite Netflix exclusives while the mask works its charm. Have a better example of multitasking? We don’t!


European Beauty is a premium skincare boutique offering a range of beauty services for skin and body. Speak to our skin therapist today to know the best skin rejuvenation and maintenance programs for you.

DMK Products and Treatments

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DMK Skincare is the only company in the world that’s created an enzyme therapy facial that uses transfer message enzymes. Enzymes themselves are living essences in your body that helps to regulate our health, among other things. They also work with naturally occurring minerals to form antioxidants that fight free radicals from attacking your skin. This specialized treatment encourages the production of collagen and elastin in your skin, which is important if you want it to look full, hydrated and wrinkle-free. This DMK skincare line is designed to treat both your face and body.

The Treatment

The enzyme therapy facial starts with a deep cleaning of the skin before being exfoliated to rid the surface of your face and body of dead skin. Revealing a new layer of skin allows for the hydrolyzing mask to properly sink into your face. While this facial is incredibly relaxing, the enzyme mask itself being applied using a brush, you need to be prepared for what happens after application. The mask will harden into a stiff crust over your skin, but don’t be alarmed if you feel pulsations spreading beneath the surface. It’s an indication that the mask is working as blood flows to the surface of your skin. The intense pulsing won’t last long and expect your skin to be red and possibly blotchy afterwards. Soothing gels and serums are then applied to the skin to help boost immunity and further product collagen. The mask itself stays on for 45 minutes, while the entire treatment lasts almost two hours.

The Benefits

There’s a reason this skincare treatment is highly recommended and spoken about with high praise. The enzyme therapy will help to enhance the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Having a healthy amount of collagen in your system strengthens your skin, which is how this facial reduces wrinkles and lines so efficiently. The increase in elastin allows your skin to stretch and bounce back like an elastic band.


As the enzymes sink into your face and body through the mask, they work internally to increase your circulation and oxygenation. This organic mask was crafted to make you look as young and healthy as you feel inside. With instant results, your skin will look plump and there won’t be a fine line in sight. It’s a great option for anyone who wants the benefits of invasive skin care treatments such as Botox or fillers, without the needles. The DMK enzyme therapy treatment also detoxifies your skin to brighten it up, smoothes out scarring and textured skin and stimulates facial muscles.


At European Beauty, we’re proud to carry DMK organic skincare products and perform this enzyme facial for any interested customers. Located in Yorkville, Ontario, we’ve created a relaxing and comfortable environment just for you. Top quality service and training, our aestheticians specialize in a large variety of skin care treatments, including non-surgical facelifts, radio frequency face lifting, tightening, acne, pigmentation and more. Call us or visit our website to book your appointment today, we guarantee you’ll leave here with the skin you’ve always dreamed of.

How to Regain Youthful Skin with Microcurrent Facial

November 14, 2018

Have you ever wondered about the secret behind Kate Winslet, Jennifer Aniston and Oprah Winfrey’s age-defying skin? The answer is a microcurrent facial. They admittedly book treatments on a regular basis. If you are looking to reduce facial puffiness, define your jawline or look fresh for a special event, try a microcurrent facial.

Despite all the anti-ageing products and treatments out there, it is impossible to actually stop or reverse ageing. Botox fillers erase lines and wrinkles temporarily but there is also the danger of atrophy from repeated injections. Invasive treatments, nips and tucks involve pain and severe discomfort, often leading to unnatural results. Here is where microcurrent facials score.

Microcurrent facials lift the facial muscles naturally; improve muscle tone; reduce puffiness by draining fluids, increase cellular activity and enhance facial contours. The result is healthier, firmer, fresher skin texture, no matter what your age. Best of all, the treatment is painless.

How Does A Microcurrent Facial Work?

Microcurrent technology is not new. It has been around since the 1800s, treating damaged tissues and muscles. The facial found fame in the aesthetics industry when a doctor noticed that the treatment worked wonders on a Bell’s Palsy patient, improving the texture and tone of the skin.

The treatment involves sliding two handheld prongs emitting extremely low-voltage electrical currents or “microcurrents” on a cellular level to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to repair damaged skin. The electrical currents are so minimal that it would take a million microcurrent machines to light a 40-watt light bulb.

Simply explained, it is similar to a workout for the face, as it breaks down skin cells in the inner dermis layer to allow the upper epidermis layer to grow back stronger with healthy cells, just the way muscles do after an intense workout. At the end of the treatment, your skin feels visibly smoother, firmer to the touch and well rested, with no layover redness. The treatment needs to be repeated a few times for lasting results.

Who is Suitable for a Microcurrent Facial?

A microcurrent facial boosts collagen production by up to 14%, increases elastin by 48% and boosts blood circulation by 38%. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to improve the tone and texture of their skin. The treatment is anti-ageing, safe and suitable for all skin types and colours. Similar to other facials, the treatment involves cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating and massaging your face. Avoid the treatment if you are pregnant or suffer from any kind of heart disease, allergies or skin sensitivities. The entire process takes from an hour to 90 minutes. You can go back to work right after, glowing bright, looking fresher than ever.

It takes a few sessions to see lasting results. After the first, you will enjoy firmer skin. Your jaw line will be more defined; your eyes will look brighter and less tired. For long lasting results, you may need about 10 to 12 treatments every week. If you have never had a treatment before, results may vary depending on your genetics, home care supplements, etc. Just make sure you consult a certified dermatologist or licensed aesthetician specialized in microcurrent treatment for proactive, customized results.

Customized Skincare at European Beauty, Toronto

European Beauty skincare boutique focuses on a number of services in a relaxing environment. Our European-trained aestheticians offer top-quality facial and body services to rejuvenate you from top to toe. Enjoy our special deals on microcurrent facials to keep looking youthful. Call us for appointments.