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DMK Skincare is the only company in the world that’s created an enzyme therapy facial that uses transfer message enzymes ...
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Treatment Oil for Redness

Add These To Your Skin Care Routine This Winter

While the winter brings festivities, Christmas and skating rink fun, they are not as much fun for our skin which ...
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How to Regain Youthful Skin with Microcurrent Facial

Have you ever wondered about the secret behind Kate Winslet, Jennifer Aniston and Oprah Winfrey’s age-defying skin? The answer is ...
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Tips to Prevent Acne

Acne is unfortunately often caused by genetics. While there are a variety of treatments available it is not always avoidable ...
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5 Skin Damaging Mistakes To Avoid When Washing Your Face

Why do you need advice about washing your face? What could possibly go wrong? You will be surprised to know ...
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Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin

Dry skin is uncomfortable and at risk for painful cracks and flaky itching. As the weather gets colder, more and ...
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Fun Facts About Your Skin

Most people do not think about their skin because it is something that we all take for granted. There are ...
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Best Makeup Tips for Older Women

It seems as though with every phase of life there are new factors to consider when it comes to your ...
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DMK facial products

Holiday Gift Ideas for Beauty Lovers

The holidays are right around the corner! With the holidays come the festive cheer and the last minute scrambling of ...
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