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Fun Facts About Your Skin

Most people do not think about their skin because it is something that we all take for granted. There are ...
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Best Makeup Tips for Older Women

It seems as though with every phase of life there are new factors to consider when it comes to your ...
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DMK facial products

Holiday Gift Ideas for Beauty Lovers

The holidays are right around the corner! With the holidays come the festive cheer and the last minute scrambling of ...
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What is Chemical Peel?

As we grow older, it can get harder and harder to naturally combat the aging process of the skin. When ...
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What is Microdermabrasion?

It’s a big word that’s a big deal in anti-aging treatments! Also known as microderm, this powerful skin care procedure ...
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acne treatment

How acne forms, and what you shouldn’t do to get rid of it

Acne.  That one word can send fear into the hearts of teenagers and adults alike.  It’s a fact of life ...
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make up history

How Society Has Redefined the Natural Woman

It’s amazing to think about the history that makeup has enjoyed. Many of us might think about makeup as a ...
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Building Your Perfect Skincare Routine

No matter your skin type (oily, normal, dry, acne prone, or sensitive) you can take your face from blah to ...
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Tips and tricks to help with your makeup

These days we’re bombarded with advertisements and are witness to a whole variety of makeup products and applications. Oftentimes we ...
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